School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar.

Email: adnan.amin@imsciences.edu.pk


Adnan Amin’s academic and research journey in computer science has been a deeply fulfilling pursuit of knowledge and innovation. He earned my M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Peshawar in 2008. Later, He completed my MS in Computer Science with the highest first-class honors and distinction, followed by a Ph.D. with Scholastic Honors in “Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning” from the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at the Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar, Pakistan, in 2015 and 2023, respectively. With over a decade of experience in teaching and industry, He has become a dedicated professional committed to developing and commercializing digital and research-based solutions across various industries.

In November 2015, he joined IMSciences as a faculty member at the School of Computer Science and Information Technology. He leads IM|DigiSol and is the faculty adviser for the Computing and Innovation Society (IMCIS) at IMSciences. Before, he worked as an international consultant for curriculum and academic development at the School of ICT, NIMA Kabul, connected to the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. This was part of a World Bank-funded project for Maxwell Stamp PLC, London (Project Code: P102573).

Dr. Adnan’s research and innovation interests are industry-driven and cross-disciplinary. He focuses on developing and commercializing digital solutions and data mining and machine learning research innovations for a variety of industries, such as education, telecommunications, and healthcare. He has gained invaluable insights and approaches that have enriched my research endeavors. My research involvement extends beyond the confines of my academic pursuits. I have been actively engaged in various academic conferences and workshops in different capacities, such as track chair, session chair, workshop chair, technical program committee member, and reviewer. These opportunities have allowed me to contribute to the academic community, share knowledge, and learn from esteemed peers.

His career as a researcher has been characterized by publications that demonstrate his commitment to advancing knowledge. He has also earned a cumulative impact factor score of about 144.6 and authored more than 39 publications, comprising Web of Science verified journal articles, conference papers (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier), and book chapters (Springer). So far, his articles have already received around 1350+ citations, including an h-index score of 16 and an i-index score of 18, This shows the recognition and significance of my research work. He specializes in conducting research in the fields of artificial intelligence and its applications, machine learning, data mining, deep learning, and adaptive and Continual learning. Currently,

Current Roles

Faculty Advisor: IMCIS (Since 18-Nov-2022)

Center for Excellence in Information Technology

Faculty Member (Since Nov. 2015)

Head of IMSciences Digital Solutions (Since 07-Mar-2023)

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