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1Programming Fundamentals using Python
1. Introduction to Programming Languages
2. Assignment operators, variables, expressions, and types
3. Program development life cycle
4. Conditional Statements
5. Loops
6. Functions
7. Files handling
8. Exception handling
9. List, Comprehension, Tuple, Dictionary, Sets, and Serialization
10. Python GUI Programming using Tkinter
11. Python Database Programming using MySQL
12. Visual Python Toolkits
PowerPoint Slides
Python GUI Codes using Jupyter Notebook
Python MySQL Codes using Jupyter Notebook
List Comprehension Codes using Jupyter NoteBook
2Big Data Analytics using Pyspark (Python+Spark)
1. Installation
2. Data loading and handling massing Values
3. PySpark DataFrame Basics
4. PySpark DataFrame Basics
5. Spark DataFrame Basic Operations
6. GroupBy and Aggregate Operations
7. Machine Learning with PySpark
Pyspark codes using Kaggal Notebook
3Machine Learning Using Python
1. Simple, Multiple, Linear/Non-Linear, Polynomial Regression
Regressions using Jypter Notebook

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